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Jason Scott, 18 years old, testimony excerpts

“I walked into the covered area where I was jumped by three thugs. They wrestled me into the ground and dragged my inside. I panicked and struggled as hard as I could to get free, I also yelled at them, “I Have my rights and they are being violated!” The three thugs that grabbed me are Mark Workman, Chuck Simpson, and a man named Clark (I don’t have his last name.)

A few witnesses looked on at what was happening and didn’t do any thing. My mom went outside reassuring them that I was going to be OK and I was going to be taken out of a cult. Meanwhile, I was giving them a hard time going down the stairs by grabbing the hand rails and kicking as hard as I could. Chuck told me that I kicked him in the groin and Mark told me that I kicked him in the leg. (I think.)

Chuck put the handcuff’s on me (which were so tight my hands a few minutes later went numb and tingled because of the loss of circulation they were cold.) I looked up at my mom and said, “how could you do this?” She looked at me with a devilish smile shrugged and said. “it’s for your own good, you’ll see later.” Clark put his hands over mine to try and warm them up during the ride to ocean shores. They dragged me down the stairs on my back and into the downstairs living room. I struggled. Yelled and kicked but I couldn’t use my hands. The pressure from the men trying to lift me caused the handcuffs to dig into my wrists. They dragged me out the sliding backdoor of the house. Rick was saying “Hurry get him in the van.” My back was scarping on the cement patio and lawn as they tugged me toward the van. I gave my best resistance stiffening up like a board. The three thugs couldn’t get me in the van so Rick and my brother started shoving. I had my hands on the door handle and Rick tore them off as the three guys finally got me in the van. They all jumped in the van including rick and my brother.

I was crying and praying. Terrified to death. I didn’t know what they were going to do with me or to me. Thoughts of abuse, torture. Like being tied to a chair. Forced to listen and watch lies on a tv. And being mentally raped for all the things I stood for, ran wild through my tormented, stressed mind.

The van tore out of the back yard. I was pinned face down by Clark’s knee in my back and Mark over my legs as he tightly secured a inch leash-like nylon strap around my ankles. Clark was tossed a roll of two inch wide duct tape and was told to make sure I was quiet he ripped off a eight inch l inch piece and fastened to my face from ear to ear. Rick looked at me and said to stop praying and shut up. My wrist were screaming with pain as Clark held the hand cuffs by the chain in the middle. We stopped some where to eat and Thysen went in and brought out some burgers. I was in a panic state of shock and could not eat.

I decided to cooperate and tried to make the trip as comfortable as possible. Clark tried to help me be comfortable but it didn’t work because the hand cuffs were so tight. I asked over and over for them to loosen them but they wouldn’t. Clark, Mark and Chuck talked about Vietnam, and the horrifying torture stories that went along with that war. (I guess a fear tactic). Thysen was along for the ride and he added his witty two cents and chewed his tobacco. I looked painfully at Clark and he looked away with guilt written on his face. I opened my mouth to loosen the tape and told him I wouldn’t talk if I could keep the tape loosened but Clark refastened it to my face and said, “I do what the boss tells me to.”

The ride over was very stressful. I tried to see where we were going and turned my head. I looked out the front windshield from my pinned position on the floor of the van and saw an overhead traffic sign reading “Yelm”; so I knew we were going south. Mark leaned over and blocked my vision out the window with his arm and I turned my head back around and looked at the back door. I, before that time and after that time, had tried to look out the windshield but they blocked my sight with their arms, kneed or hands. Dealing with the fears and the anguish was the hardest battle in the trip over. We pulled into a gravel driveway and pulled up to a house. The van was backed in the garage and parked. The garage door was shut and I asked if I was going to be able to walk. Chuck said that he hoped that that would be possible, I sat up in the van and waited for about ten minutes while Mark and Rick secured the house for my arrival, Clark still held me by the chain of the hand cuffs and chuck stood by holding the leash of the ankle restraint. Rick and Mark returned and threatened me not to make any stupid moves. They then moved the ankle restraint up around my knees so I could walk. They held the leash of the restraint very tightly, letting only enough slack to walk.

We went in the house and I requested to go to the bath room. I couldn’t even go because I was so nervous and stressed out. We went up spiral stairs onto the second story of the house and we went in the bathroom. I was put in the shower where they pulled the tape off but the handcuffs were still not loosened.

The foot restraint was loosened and food was served. I was stressed out in thinking that they were going to put drugs in my food to accomplish their purpose.

They told me that my church was a cult and told me briefly what they were going to do to me, I asked them if they were going to force me to not go back to Life Tabernacle by making me change my mind. Rick said, “Yes.”

They loosened the handcuffs finally after almost 4 hours. I requested to sit in the bathtub because it was very uncomfortable sitting in the shower my back ached – they agreed.”

Rick held Jason captive for five days until Jason feigned acquiescence and escaped. Jason called the police and Rick and his accomplices were immediately arrested. The following are excerpts of Jason testimony about his five days of captivity:

Day 1

“Rick started in again ridiculing me about my church, my fiancé, my pastor, our worship, the church superintendent, the bible, our salvation, our baptism, our doctrine, our holiness standards, my truck, me, and my self worth. He called me names like stupid and mush head. He degraded me and my school. He tore apart everything that I was and stood for.”

“I requested to have the police come in and read me my rights and he said “Sorry, that’s not going to happen and if you give me any trouble I’ll handcuff you to the bed frame and it won’t be comfortable.”

“For the rest of the day Rick humiliated me by calling me names like: stupid person, mush head, robot, kernal (mocking brother Kern). I couldn’t fight back because it was no use. No matter what I said about my church it was torn apart, ridiculed, mocked, and made fun of.”

“As each day went on I ate less and less as I got more depressed. I would have times of nausea in the bathroom and finally at the very end I had flu symptoms.”

“The first day in the deprogramming we didn’t see any videos; but, from 10:00 am to around midnight he mocked everything that I was and called me an idiot, fool, and other names to try to break me down so he could change my mind. Earlier this morning I asked Rick a question, “So Rick you are going to make me change my mind against my will?” He said, “That’s my job.”

Day 2

“I could tell that he (Rick) enjoys belittling people against their will.”

“Rick came in and went at it again about my church, and how bad it was. Yelling at me all this made up slander about my Pastor and also repeating everything he said the day before.”

“He really went at Baptism in Jesus’ name trying to tell me that it wasn’t biblical….He always brought out his Hebrew parallel and said, “If you want to believe in one god all you have to do is pay my synagogue $350 a year. We’ll give you a beanie and you can become a Jew.”

“I couldn’t put up any visible defense or get mad or bitter because for one thing it’s not Christ-like and the whole process feeds off of hate. It turns the hate that you have in your heart toward something that’s not in your group and turns it around at your group making the people you used to love seem like hideous enemies.”

“Rick spent a lot of time reading from this book of methods finding out if your group is a cult. But I found out, after a day of listening to him, that the question you would ask are so general that about 95% of the churches in the USA would be cults. I asked my mom” “When and where are you going? Are you going back to church? She looked at me lastly saying “I don’t know. Every one I’ve been to falls under the questions that you would ask.” She basically said to me that all the churches on the east side are cults.

It was kind of funny because everything that Rick would “preach” against he would do to me. One example is “isolation”. Rick’s definition of this is not being able to contact or have any relations with the outside world, But he had nylon straps over the windows and two guards at each door keeping me in the room, Almost every step in finding out if a group is a cult is so general that even groups like diet centers and alcoholics anonymous are cults. This man is a destructive person ripping your faith in god and the bible.”

“I couldn’t believe the scriptures he used to try to deprogram me with. They were so out of context it was funny.”

“Rick destroyed my mom’s faith in God and now she doesn’t even pray.”

“Rick on the other hand was forcing me by a dictatorial manipulation and I had to do what Rick says or be hand cuffed to the bed frame.”

Day 3

“I got so tired this day that I almost fell asleep listening to Rick continue to tear down my church. At 2 pm they let me take a shower by myself and I enjoyed every minute of the privacy.”

“There were also times of extreme anguish because I felt like a trapped laboratory animal tortured by excruciating experiments. I could feel the battle go on in my mind between believing in what was right and being forced to believe what was wrong. “

“Rick said, “…well let me tell you, I’ve deprogrammed over two hundred people so if you give me any trouble I’ll handcuff you to the bed frame for two days so you’d better make a decision and cooperate or it won’t be enjoyable at all for you.” The other guard came down and sat in a chair by the door. He went on for another hour beating down the church like the days before. I felt so helpless…”

“Feelings of complacency helped me battle Rick’s onslaught of accusations. The stupor helped me the rest of Rick’s attempted brainwashing. I just faked everything and went along with what he said. I asked him “Rick, what should I believe god is after this when I’m done?” His response was shrugged shoulders and a lost sounding “I don’t know it’s up to you but be real cautious.”

Day 4

“I knew that something was going to happen to me so I requested my mom come in and comfort me. She came in and I put on a big show. First I prayed to god to protect my heart, then I let the tears gush…. I didn’t renounce my faith and I didn’t say that I was going to leave my church I just said, “Mom, I’m sorry and I love you.”

“I “cracked” at about 6 or 7 at night and Rick came in saying that either he did his job or I was the world’s best actor.”
Day 5

“My mom was upstairs on the phone scheduling the plane tickets for me to go to Ohio to Wellsprings Rehab.”

“I was going to puke because of the stress. I knew god was going to open a door and I was going to take the first chance I got….. I asked Rick if I could go to the bathroom because I was going to lose it all over the place. Rick said, “Go ahead” and I left to go to the rest room alone for the first time in five days and I took the first chance I got to free myself from the bondage I was in. I walked for the bathroom and instead of turning left for the bathroom I turned right and hit the front door and I felt such a release. I was free again and I ran across the street to Barnacle Bills Restaurant and asked to use the phone. She said no at first then I said, “I have to call the police I’ve been kidnapped.” She said, “Well why didn’t you say so” and she gave me the phone. I paced back and forth looking at the door waiting for the cops to pull in and they did as my mom, Rick Ross, and the bodyguards except Clark, walked across the street. At the same time I ran out to meet the policeman and told him that I was kidnapped and held against my will for five days and I gave him my license. He put me in the back seat of the Jeep and questioned my mom and Rick for fifteen minutes then told them to go to the police station where they were arrested and sent to jail.”

“I’m in counseling for the mental damage done. I feel like my mind was raped and I get frustrated some times and I have a hard time controlling my feelings sometimes. I’m tormented day and night by the abuse done to me kind of like flash backs. I feel insecure sometimes like I haven’t felt in a long time and I feel extremely violated and mad.”

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